Your service is commended on its achievements in providing quality outcomes for children. In particular, staffing arrangements, relationships with children and families and the effective leadership and management of the service, demonstrates the commitment to quality by the approved provider, nominated supervisor, manager, educators and staff. 

Assessment and Rating Assessor - NSW Department of Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate 2/11/17

I am writing this letter to advise you the Department of Community Services has received a letter from a parent with children attending Kids & Co Pre School. It is worthy to say that the parent has gone to particular trouble to detail how impressed she is with the standard of care you are providing at your centre. The parent also praised your commitment to continually developing your staff.  It is pleasing to receive such positive reports regarding Centre Based Care Services. You and your staff are to be congratulated on your efforts.

Manager- NSW Department of Community Services.

I would like to congratulate the Pre School my son attends- Kids & Co. for their effort in teaching the children about Australia Day. The room is decorated with an Australian theme and when I went to pick him up yesterday afternoon, the Australian Anthem was being played. I think that was a great effort on their part.   

Parent -email sent and broadcasted by Ray Hadley at Radio Station 2GB.

 I am so very glad that you offered us a position at Kids & Co Preschool and those initial fears all parents feel when they leave their child, have quickly disappeared. The staff have always made me feel welcomed and a part of the family. You make it so clear to us how our child has done each day- through updates on lunch, what was said at news, any artwork created. You offer our child opportunities to experience a variety of activities through daily routines, shake and move, incursions. I have nothing but good things to say and look forward to a wonderful year together!  


Care of the children is at the highest level. One of the best before school programs. Teachers who understand the children, know their personalities and work with them to achieve the best outcomes and learning tasks.


All the teachers are caring, passionate and responsible and knows each child very well. This creates a nurturing and safe environment for the children. I am extremely pleased with the care and education provided by this Centre.


One of the strengths I see is the overall community, friendliness, family-like feeling in the Centre.


Words cannot express our gratitude to you and your teaching staff at Kids & Co. All of our children have thrived under your care and we appreciate all you have done for our children. You, together with your staff have imparted a love of learning and provided so many enriching opportunities, beyond what we ever thought was possible at Pre School. Thank you so much for being part of their lives/our lives. Your passion and enthusiasm for teaching will be forever be remembered-

Both Parents

(These documents, awards, letters and further written messages of appreciation can be viewed at Pre School)